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Zucky's Giclee Art Print

$ 60.00

Zucky's (Wilshire and Fifth)
By SHEZ (Eric Sheslow)

In 1946, Hy Altman, Fred Altman, and Wolfine "Zucky" Zuckerman founded Zucky's Restaurant at the former Ocean Park Pier amusement park between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California. In 1954, Zucky's moved to its second and final location: a wacky, Googie style building (designed by Weldon J. Fulton) on Wilshire and Fifth street in Santa Monica. Zucky's served the community as a 24-hour coffee shop, holiday meal caterer, and a kosher-style deli until the restaurant closed in 1993. The building can still be visited today, though it is now a commercial bank instead of a working restaurant. However, the original exterior is still largely intact. Architects and historic preservationists consider Zucky's to be a world-class architectural treasure.

As part of a series commemorating Los Angeles delis, past and present, Shez's "Zucky's" pays tribute to the mid-century spirit of this Googie-style architectural masterpiece with his clear line style and 'golden hour' color palette. Full of character, "Zucky's" celebrates this monument to Los Angeles deli and restaurant culture and recreates a piece of history that perfectly captures the architectural zeitgeist of its time.

Print measures 11" x 17"