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To and From: Modern Poland: A Journey Through Postal History, 1850-1939 & 1939-2005 (2 Volumes)

$ 80.00

By Norman Davies.

Published by Rosikon Press, 2008.

Since the age of the postal stamp began, Polish lands have experienced a bewildering series of wars, territorial changes, political upheavals, cultural transformations, demographic shifts and military occupations. The scope of Volume 1 & 2 (published jointly under one ISBN) extends to all the lands and provinces which, at one time or another, have been subject to Polish rule. These volumes illustrate most of the items carried on postcards and letters, such as stamps, which indicate the ruling political authority in force at the point of posting.

Both volumes show some wear on covers (scuffs, worn out edges, etc.)  Pages themselves are in pristine condition and have no flaws. 

Two hardcover volumes.

ISBN: 9788388848643