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LAPL Central Library Icons Multifunction Band

$ 22.00

Patterned with some of the Los Angeles Central Library's most iconic pieces of art, our custom designed buffs are a stylish option to wear out and celebrate the Los Angeles Public Library. These multifunctional head bands feature a seamless and stretchy design, are lightweight and soft, and can be worn in over a dozen ways! And, naturally constructed to help reduce the harmful sun UV radiation, these buffs make a great accessory for outdoor activities. 

UPF 50. Made of 95% recycled microfiber. Measures approx. 20.5" x 9"

**Neck gaiters can be worn as an alternative to face masks, but it is still unknown the efficacy of this type of material in preventing the spread of droplets through the air. Like most cloth masks and face coverings, they are not intended for medical use, and we urge caution and mindfulness in your choice of face covering as we work together to prevent the spread of Covid-19.