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Hidden Heroes, Historic Places

$ 10.99

"This family-friendly coloring book is all about celebrating and learning about Los Angeles’s forgotten heroes through beautiful coloring pages, biographies, location descriptions and activities. This 34-page coloring book gives people (young or old), a Los Angeles history buff or those just starting to learn about the city, a fun and interactive way to explore. This book is published by BEST Friends of Los Angeles Public Library, a library support group. Proceeds from this book help support library programs.

Our 15 celebrated heroes and locations are:

  • Mary Foy - Downey Block
  • Manuela C. García - Downtown Los Angeles
  • Ah-Wane-U Sharon - Sycamore Grove Park
  • Dr. Vada Somerville & Dr. John Somerville - Dunbar Hotel
  • Anita Castro - Platt Building
  • Julius Levitt - Breed Street Shul
  • Mildred Walizer & Tsuru Yokozeki - Terminal Island Japanese Memorial
  • Arnett Hartsfield - LAFD Engine Company No. 30
  • Aristide Laurent - Black Cat
  • Aurelio José Barrera - Times Mirror Square
  • Dr. Virginia Uribe - Fairfax High School
  • Helen Brown - Echo Park Lake
  • Lewis MacAdams - Los Angeles River
  • John Ballard - Ballard Mountain
  • Octavia E. Butler - Los Angeles Central Library