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Gas & Glamour

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I love cars, and I love Los Angeles for being a city of cars. Over the last decade or so, I have been intrigued by L.A.’s love affair with the automobile, tracing back to a time when cars themselves were objects of beauty. Those cars are no longer on the streets today but the buildings from that era remain. As an architectural photographer, I wanted to capture L.A.’s car-culture-induced optimism and ambition reflected in polychromatic, star-spangled coffee shops, gas stations, and car washes, that once lured the gaze of passing motorists.

— Ashok Sinha

Ashok Sinha is an architectural and fine art photographer whose large-scale photographs capture a sense of place tied to both natural landscapes and built environments. His photographs have been published by editorial outlets such as The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, and exhibited at The Museum of the City of New York, the International Center of Photography, and The Royal Photographic Society.