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Fujita Silk Scarf

$ 150.00

The Los Angeles Public Library teamed with L.A.artist Gajin Fujita to create a limited-edition library card featuring a detail of his painting, "Guardian Angel" (2016), which is also featured here on this 100% silk scarf.

As a child, Gajin Fujita dreamed in the aisles of his local branch of the Los Angeles Public Library in Boyle Heights, reading about the Japanese folkloric heroes and legends that would later play across his celebrated paintings. 

Reverence for Japanese art history and pride for his identity as an L.A. native assert equal importance in Fujita's work. His paintings incorporate graffiti language, traditional iconography drawn from Japanese woodblock prints, and symbols that murmur insider's reference to West Coast Culture.

Scarf measures approx. 35"x35"

Origin of fabric and silk printing - China.

Custom packaging done in USA.