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Fleet Room Tea Towel

$ 28.00

“City Hall Matchbook” Tea Towel
By SHEZ (Eric Sheslow) 

Produced in collaboration with the Los Angeles Public Library Shop, SHEZ has created a tea towel inspired by a 1940s matchbook cover from the Eat n Shop Delicatessen, which was once located in Downtown Los Angeles. This original design is a brand new entry in the Delicatessen Series of artworks by SHEZ, and contains an image of Los Angeles City Hall in a vibrant blue and green two-tone palette with Art Deco embellishments.  

Eat n Shop was a mermaid-themed, kosher-style delicatessen located in a small wooden cabin on the grounds of the now-defunct National Manufacturers Overcoat Company.  While the Eat n Shop lunch counter served deli sandwiches by day, its adjoining cocktail bar, The Fleet Room, might have been the garment workers’ favorite after-hours hangout. The former factory building and the Eat n Shop cabin remain today as a night club and falafel house respectively.  

The towel is 100% cotton, machine washable, and is hand silk screened in Los Angeles.