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Canter Bros. Panorama Giclee Art Print

$ 58.00

"Summer of '46: Brooklyn Avenue" by Los Angeles artist, SHEZ (Eric Sheslow).

This print depicts the block of Brooklyn Avenue in the morning hours as it appeared in the summer of 1946. Racketeers Elihu "Black Dot" McGee (left) and Mickey Cohen (right) sit in the front booth at Canter Bros. Deli, in its original Boyle Heights location.

As part of a series celebrating Los Angeles delis, past and present, Shez's "Summer of '46" incorporates the era's stylistic aesthetic to commemorate the Canter Bros. Deli in its original historical setting.

About the Canter Bros. Deli:

In 1931, the Canter Brothers opened their first deli in Los Angeles' Boyle Heights neighborhood. Although the restaurant was a hub of secular Jewish life, anyone who liked good food and good company was welcome, and people from all different backgrounds came out in droves. In 1948, the Canters fully relocated from their first location to L.A. Fairfax district where they remain today, and are still a big part of L.A.'s culture. Canters' former location is now a pediatric dental office, but a pharmacy has continuously occupied the same spot on the corner for over 100 years.

Print measures 8.5" x 17"