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Bunker Hill in the Rearview Mirror

$ 15.00

From Los Angeles Public Library's Photo Friends

During its history, the area of Downtown Los Angeles known as Bunker Hill has been viewed in many different ways - inaccessible, upscale, run-down, blighted, erased, renewed. Over the decades, these perceptions have always been open to interpretation and either agreed with or challenged. An area that has been subject to more change than any other place in the city, it has arguably invoked more passion and reverence than any other Los Angeles neighborhood, while inspiring equal amounts of disdain. 

Bunker Hill in the Rearview Mirror: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of an Urban Neighborhood, a photo display at the Los Angeles Public Library's Central Library, uses photographs, new articles, recollections, and unique ephemera from LAPL Special Collections to illustrate the complex story of Bunker Hill, from its heyday in the 1880s to its redevelopment in the 1960s and 70s. Curated by librarians Christina Rice, Photo Collection, and Emma Roberts, Art & Music/Rare Books, the display is enhanced by this companion catalog with contributing essays by Adrian Scott Fine, Nathan Marsak, Merry Ovnick, Meredith Drake Reitan, and Donald R. Spivack. 

Paperback, 132 pages