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Peachy Queen (Peach Jam with vanilla & Grand Marnier)

$ 12.00

A delicious, fresh peach jam with a sweet vanilla finish. The jam is so royally delicious that it made it to the greatest hits collection this year — whoo-hoo! Peachy queen is made with yellow peaches from local family farms with organic and sustainable practices; I look forward to the time of year when all of California's stone fruit is at its finest. I decided to complement the classic peach jam with my magical organic <adagascar vanilla beans and a little splash of grand marnier for my mama (she loves a little splash of grand marnier in her coffee after dinner).

This is smooth, sweet and a perfect crepe filling. I also highly recommend putting a dollop in a glass of prosecco for the most amazing bellini at your next brunch.

Cheese pairing: goat cheese. Recipe ideas: peachy queen royal, peach jam vinaigrette.

Net Wt 10oz (283g).