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Go Field Guide Rocks and Minerals

$ 12.99

This go-to guide helps young geologists get started by learning the tools of the trade and setting realistic expectations. There probably isn’t going to be gold lying around in their backyard or local park, but there are sure to be other cool rock samples they can find in their part of the world.

With the help of this guide, readers can identify samples they may find in North America and; learn what to look for in rocks and gems—including color, luster, hardness, and light—with a host of tests. Rounding out the guide are four rock samples to get them started, plus advice on how to maintain and display their collection as it grows.

Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals kicks off Scholastic’s definitive field-guide series. With 160 pages of color photos and facts and a durable format that’s ready to take out into the world, these field guides get kids off their screens and exploring outside.