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Gin Tonica

$ 12.95

"The Spanish love their gin and tonics. In Spain, the bartender doesn't ask you what you want to drink, he asks you how you want your gin and tonic prepared. This simplest of drinks—just gin, tonic, ice and a garnish—is now considered the national drink. A beautiful cocktail with a variety of herb and flower garnishes, a Spanish-style gin and tonic or 'gin tonica' is made with a premium gin paired with the best quality tonic water, combined with herbs, spices, flowers and fruits that will complement the botanicals of a specific gin. It is served over ice in an over-sized balloon glass which enables the drinker to enjoy the lovely aromas their drink offers up. Attention to detail and respect for the classic is what truly elevates thee Spanish gin tonica above all others. With more gin brands and styles of tonic available than ever before, and 40 inspired recipes to try at home, why not discover the joy of 'gin tonica' today — salud!"

By David T. Smith, photography by Alex Luck.