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Better Angel

$ 15.00

"When Forman Brown began writing Better Angel in the early 1930s, he didn't envision the book actually being published, let alone having an audience close to a century later. An autobiographical novel chronicling his sexual awakening as a gay man, the subject matter was so 'sensitive,' that Brown opted to publish it under the pseudonym Richard Meeker. In 1987, the book was rediscovered and reprinted under the assumption Richard Meeker was no longer alive. This rediscovery enabled Forman Brown to finally come forward as the author of this novel, which Variety once called, 'a delicate and sometimes moving depiction of the class. Due for some attention.'

"Brown went on to have a successful career as one of the three Yale Puppeteers who ran the Turnabout Theater in Los Angeles. Following Forman Brown's death in 1996, the Los Angeles Public Library became custodians of the Yale Puppeteers/Turnabout Theatre Collection. For the first time, materials from this collection are curated in the exhibit Life on a String: the Yale Puppeteers and the Turnabout Theatre (Getty Gallery, Central Library, April 2 to September 27, 2020). In conjunction with this exhibit, the Los Angeles Public Library is honored to be putting Better Angel back in print as a fitting tribute to Forman Brown and this highly regarded work of literature."

By Forman Brown. Foreword by John F. Szabo.

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