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365 Days of Play

$ 19.99
With an activity for every day, any day is a great day to explore, learn, and create something new!

It's time to start your ULTIMATE year of games with 365 Days of Play! This go-to activity book for kids ages 4-8 includes an activity for every day of the year. An encyclopedia of play, it's everything you need to keep little minds and hands entertained--pages on pages of games, crafts, recipes, experiments, projects, jokes, songs, guides, skills, tricks, hacks, challenges, and everything else in the canon of kid. Follow the step-by-step instructions and illustrations to create a game wherever you are and with whatever you have--swing a pendulum, launch a parachute, shoot a confetti cannon, or throw a boomerang. Tie a square knot or untangle a human knot. Make an egg you can float, bounce, or keep forever. The hardcover book looks stunning on the shelf, toy chest, and coffee table, but will be well-loved by kids everywhere.