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At tiny LA taco temple Sonoratown, Jen Feltham and Teo Diaz don’t believe in doing things by halves. Here the hundreds of handmade tortillas that roll out of the kitchen daily – tissue thin, phenomenally flawless and almost impossibly delicious – are cooked over mesquite wood fire and made from flour brought back from over the border in Sonora, where heirloom wheat has been cultivated for more than 400 years. In this little book the pair take us on the road trip behind quite possibly the craziest restaurant supply chain ever – heading out of downtown and rolling into Teo’s hometown in Northern Mexico to pick up the goods that have put them on the map and won them a legion of admirers from coast to coast (and beyond). Part reflection and reminiscence on people, produce and place, part recipe book and part guide to the best goddam tacos you’ll ever eat in your life, this is one takeaway tome that’s guaranteed to both blow your mind and transport you to a place where life simply tastes better. And who wouldn’t want that?