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$ 25.99

"People today spend 90 percent of their time indoors, in environments that are very different from what were once our natural surroundings. By leaving behind those spaces filled with plants, trees, and natural light we have lost the health benefits nature provided.

"But did you know that adding certain plants inside the home and workplace can dramatically improve your health?  Filled with practical information and guidance, Skogluft teaches readers how to bring a natural living environment back into areas where we live and work to reduce fatigue, strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, and increase concentration.

"This must-have guide will explain how to transform any wall into a skogluft wall to help remove toxins from the air created by the machines and the people around us. Inside you'll find detailed explanations of plants that are low-cost and improve health by releasing increased oxygen into the air around you. With this low-tech solution you will feel brighter and healthier while also bringing natural beauty into your world."

By Jørn Viumdal