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"Women have made major contributions tot he world's of film and animation, and over the years, some of the best have lent their talents to Disney animation. These amazing artists achieved a lot of "firsts": from Hazel Sewell, the first woman to head a department in animation (helping win the first Academy Award ever given for the genre!), to Mary Weiser, the chemist who create the world's first animation paint laboratory, to Mildred Rossi, the first woman to design famous Hollywood monsters. 

"And their accomplishments knew no bounds! In this book, you'll learn about some of the amazing feats these trailblazing women accomplished outside of animation as well--like becoming record-setting pilots, or founding an international club for tall people that's still around today.

"Delve into these inspiring stories in this illustrated celebration of some truly Great Girls!"

by Mindy Johnson, Illustrated by Lorelay Bové