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Passion for Drawing - Poussin to Cezanne, Works from the Prat Collection

$ 20.00

Very good condition. 

Presents 100 color plates and 180 comparative illustrations, with bibliography, index, and biographies of the 66 artists represented in the exhibition. Explores three centuries (1615-1900) of French drawing beginning with the late mannerist style and continuing through the triumph of Impressionism. The collection was assembled by Louis-Antoine and Veronique Prat of Paris. Works by Poussin, Lorrain, Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard, David, Ingres, Daumier, Manet, Degas, Cézanne, and Seurat are presented. This work also includes a selection of French school drawing -- landscapes, portraits, as well as mythological, literary, and biblical subjects -- executed in a variety of media, including red and black chalk, graphite, and pen and ink. Eighteenth-century sketches, known as "pensées" or first thoughts are featured along with celebrated drawings, such as Nicolas Poussin's masterpiece of the 1640s, The Abduction of Proserpine by Pluto, and Magdalene in the Desert by Claude Lorrain.