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From Jacquelyn Dodd—the woman behind the award-winning website The Beeroness—comes Lush, a celebration of fruit, vegetables, and craft beer. After all, beer is as seasonal as produce; its ingredients come from the soil and are harvested at peak freshness, just like the offerings at your local farmers market. It's no surprise that the flavors of seasonal craft beers pair perfectly with our favorite seasonal foods. This cookbook features 80 creative, produce-forward recipes—all of which are made with seasonal craft beer. From Gochujang and ISA Shakshuka to Grilled Apricot and Saison Shortcakes to Doppelbock Rutabaga Mash, make no mistake: this isn't your drunk uncle's beer chili. Whether your Saturdays are spent at the famers market of your favorite local craft brewery (or both!), Dodd's creative use of produce and beer opens the door to deliciously complex flavors that evolve with the seasons."