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Opening in a Santa Monica strip mall back in 2016, Kato hit the local food scene with the biggest of bangs, with chef Jon Yao reinterpreting the Taiwanese dishes of his heritage into exquisite tasting menus that transformed this unassuming little spot into a national dining destination and LA Times Food Best in Show. But that hasn’t stopped the exceptional team here messing up a ton along the way. In this little book they reveal the journey they’ve been on up to this point, the mistakes they’ve made and the changes in direction they’ve taken as they’ve grown up into the awe-inspiringly creative, award-winning restaurant they are today. Hopes, dreams, disasters and the rest are laid bare here, along with a whole of lot of heart and a selection of dishes from the archive that have helped define this incredible restaurant’s identity and taught them what to push for. We all learn the most from our mistakes. So why not take a class from some of the best in the business?