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Blackwing 155 Point Guards Set

$ 22.95

This set of 3 Blackwing point guards are designed to keep your pencil sharp and ready wherever you go! This special volume 155 edition set includes one matte red, matte blue, and matte gold point guard inspired by Bauhaus artist Wassily Kandinsky's color and shape questionnaire. Pencil not included.

Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist from the 20th century developed a psychological theory on color, form, and geometry while teaching at the Bauhaus in Germany before its dissolution from Nazi party pressure in 1933. He produced a series of abstract paintings featuring studies on primary colors and simple shapes and lines that were meant to test their psychological and spiritual resonance. While teaching, he asked his students to fill a circle, triangle, and square with color. His questionnaire overwhelming produced similar results amongst his students: a blue circle, a yellow triangle, and a red square.