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Angel's Landing Travel Candle

$ 3.50 $ 14.00
This luxurious trail inspired candle finds its inspiration high above the valley floor in Zion National Park, where peace and refuge dwell and the quiet finally has its way on one of its most famous peaks- Angel’s Landing.
Seeking to capture this well worth it bucket list experience with a soothing concerto of warm red sandstone, big sagebrush and bold amber this gorgeous scent offers an escape into the sanctuary and splendor where angels come to roost. Nestled in a white travel tin that can be repurposed.  

All of our products are handcrafted in California & never tested on animals. 
Red Sandstone | Big Sage Brush | Bold Amber


Made with apricot coconut wax and infused with essential oils. Approx. 15+ hours of burn time.

4 oz. Made in the USA.