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All Night Menu Volume 1

$ 9.99

All Night Menu is a history of Los Angeles told in five installments. Each booklet contains eight addresses; each address reveals a different strand of L.A. culture. By the end of the series, there will be five volumes and forty stories, drawn from all time periods, subcultures, and sections of the city.

The series is written, designed, and published by Sam Sweet. It shares its name with All Night Menu Books, an imprint dedicated to telling L.A. stories.

Volume One features:

The First Time LA Gangs Made the Paper

The Only Folk Duo From Van Nuys

A View From Faulkner’s Balcony

Central Avenue Castoffs Congregate in Jake Porter’s Basement Studio

The Only Matadora in South Pasadena

The First Surf Shop In Venice Opens Underneath an Oil Derrick

Scrap Iron Johnson and Jerry Quarry Clash at the Olympic Auditorium

A Barkies Triptych

64 pages. Paperback. Hand-stamped cover.